Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heartbeats for Africa - How two local community organizers in Toronto are working to raise much needed awareness and capital for the Stephen Lewis Foundation

"The AIDS virus has done terrible damage to entire communities and families. It continues to take a dreadful toll. But with Heartbeats for Africa you bring hope to scores of young children, women, and families - and hope is everything. What a wonderful contribution. We thank you a thousand fold!"

- Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Executive Director, Stephen Lewis Foundation

Sisters, Alison and Kate Lawler-Dean, both work in the fashion PR and art consulting scene in Toronto. They were first inspired and motivated to fundraise for the Stephen Lewis Foundation after hearing about their grassroots approach to raising awareness and fighting for the cause of women and children living with Aids and HIV in Africa.

The sisters realized that every little bit we as individuals can do to help the people suffering in Africa can make an important difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. After reading Stephanie Nolan’s book 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa, they were motivated to kick into gear and join the cause. Alison and Kate took on this challenge with energy and enthusiasm and in 2008 created Heartbeats for Africa to raise awareness and money for the women and children of Africa whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS.

The first Heartbeats for Africa Art Show and Party was held in Toronto on a chilly evening in early February. Hundreds of guests packed a small gallery in Toronto’s Queen West West art district and playfully outbid each other on over 100 original paintings, photographs and sculptures while sipping on cocktails and dancing to two of Toronto’s hottest DJs. The party was a huge success and raised over $13,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Now, a second fundraising event is being held in Toronto on February 13, 2010.

If you can go, please do. Buy your tickets today.

If you can't make it, donate to the cause, buy a T-shirt, get involved with or donate directly to the Stephen Lewis Foundation or help Alison and Kate with their efforts to promote this outstanding event and most worthy cause.

All proceeds are donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Don't just sit there, buy a ticket, and a shirt, then spread the word throughout your network, by phone, SMS message, with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin—with everything you've got!

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