Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Involved : The social network for the socially conscious

Want to make an impact in your community?

Then GET Involved and make a commitment to making a difference in 2010.

Set a goal. Track your progress. Count your hours, or the hours of all the volunteers in your organization or group. Engage, motivate and inform your volunteers, staff, friends and family about all the ways you make a difference. Encourage others to add their hours by sharing your actions and progress with our community.

Power of the Hour is a fun, engaging tool for:

* Individuals & Families
* Businesses
* Charities and Non-profits
* Schools
* Community Groups

Create a Get Involved profile to find like-minded, passionate people & organizations that are changing the world.

Watch and hear about some some inspiring stories. Get acquainted with the organization and then make an offer or volunteer your time to the benefit of some amazing organizations like these listed below (and many more featured non profit organizations) who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

Founded in 1969 by a group of educators and artists responding to a need for arts resource for inner city children, Inner City Angels is an arts education charity that engages Toronto's inner city and priority neighbourhood children in innovative and affordable creative arts experience guided by professional artists. We are inspired by the belief that the arts play an integral role in our personal growth and creative potential and that we all share in the responsibility of ensuring arts and learning for all children.

Kids Up Front Foundation
Kids Up Front is a Toronto-based organization that provides at-risk children and youth with access to sports, entertainment and cultural events through the distribution of unused tickets.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is a not-for-profit, professional theatre company dedicated to the promotion of Queer Canadian Culture. We are dedicated to producing, developing, and supporting queer theatrical works.

Manifesto Community Projects
Manifesto Community Projects is a youth-led organization devoted to fostering collaboration in Toronto's artist community in order to provide powerful platforms and resources for growth and exposure. The focal point of its activities is the annual city-wide Manifesto Festival of Urban Music & Art, in addition to a variety of community initiatives including workshop programs, art exhibitions, and fundraising events.

Go ahead, Make a difference this year. GET Involved!

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