Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jamie Oliver – 2010 TED Prize Winner

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Jamie Oliver: Chef, restaurateur and health activist (takes home the 2010 TED Prize. See post below for full details)...

“Every child should be taught to cook in school, not just talk about nutrition all day. Good food can be made in 15 minutes. This could be the first generation where the kids teach the parents.” – Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver recognized by TED as a (Global) Social Innovator

Just announced!!!

JAMIE OLIVER, the chef who's transforming the way we feed our children, has become the 2010 winner of the TED Prize.

The TED prize grants him $100,000 and "a wish to change the world". Mr. Oliver will unveil his wish on February 10 at TED2010 and the TED community, will work together over the course of 2010 to make this wish come true.

Some of Jamie Oliver's key achievements:
- 12 television series, seen in 130 countries
- 10 cookbooks, translated into 29 languages, and sold almost 24 million copies in 56 countries
- His School Dinners/Feed me Better campaign pressured the UK government to invest $1 billion to overhaul school lunches.
- Founded the Fifteen Foundation, a social enterprise & chef apprenticeship for 18-24 yr olds. Based in London, it has been replicated through franchising in Amsterdam, Cornwall and Melbourne.
- A new TV series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution USA, is to air on ABC in 2010, bringing Jamie's unique vision to America.

At the heart of Oliver's work is an assault on the obesity epidemic:
The CDC states that one in four Americans are considered obese. It is estimated that 43 percent of Americans, or 103 million people, will be obese by 2018. The cost of this epidemic, anticipated to reach $344 billion per year. It currently accounts for almost 10 percent of the yearly US health care costs, and that rate will rise to 21 percent by 2018. WHO’s latest projections indicate that globally in 2005 approximately 1.6 billion adults were overweight and projects that by 2015, that figure will rise to 2.3 billion.

From the New York Times...
“…this British celebrity chef has made it his mission in recent years to break people’s dependence on fast food, believing that if they can learn to cook just a handful of dishes, they’ll get hooked on eating healthfully. The joy of a home-cooked meal, rudimentary as it sounds, has been at the core of his career from the start, and as he has matured, it has turned into a platform.”

Just one winner?

Those who've followed the TED Prize in recent years will know that in prior years TED announced three winners not just one. For 2010, the fifth year anniversary of the launch of the prize, they are doing things differently.

When they first created the prize, TED envisioned supporting projects that could be completed in 12 months. In actuality, TED winners have dreamed up wishes more powerful, more wonderful than ever could have been imagined, and they have found that they simply don't want to wrap up and close off the projects that fast. Members of the TED community are getting passionately engaged in these projects, and they're not shy about stating that changing the world can take more than a year... To effect real impact, it's right to stay involved and sustain the effort.

There are already 15 TED Prize projects, and at least half of them still require ongoing engagement. Adding too many to the workload risks dilution of effort.

For information on some of the other TED winners from previous years, please visit the TED Website, where you can find out about all about the various winners recognized over time and their respective wishes.

Read up on the inspirational stories of people like Bill Clinton and Bono, but also lesser known social innovators like Dave Eggers, author, philanthropist and literary entrepreneur, and his wish to inspire you, me and every creative person or organization to find a way to directly engage with a public school in your area, and that you’ll then tell the story of how you got involved so that within a year we will have 1,000 examples of innovative public-private partnerships.”

As an amateur chef and a social innovation evangelist, it's exciting to see Jamie Oliver join the line-up of innovative change makers at TED. It is truly wonderful to know that Jamie and the rest of the TED winners are going to stay at the heart of the TED community on an ongoing basis as they continue their ground breaking work and collaborative approach to realizing an inspirational vision for a better future.

Do you know anyone who you think deserves to be singled out for an outstanding contribution to your community and the world at large? Do you know someone engaged in social purpose work—a true social innovator that deserves recognition and assistance to help carry his or her vision forward? Let us know, maybe there is something we can do to help them carry their vision forward.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Volunteer for the homeless and win tickets to see Lady Gaga live in concert

Lady-gaga, originally uploaded by benyupp.

{This article includes some excerpt from an earlier submission posted on Flavorwire 1:07 pm Friday Dec 11, 2009 by Caroline Stanley} - Flavorwire is a beat of the Flavorpill community.

If you’re like us, then of late Lady Gaga has become more than just a ubiquitous pop star. She is a way of life. Her incredible stage shows and even more outrageous costumes have put her at a nexus of performance and pop-culture commentary. (If you don’t believe us, analyze “Bad Romance.” )

But, unless you were on this bandwagon early, there’s no way you’re scoring tickets to her sold-out Monster Ball Tour.

Enter Virgin Mobile's innovative volunteer program: Free VIP

Do something good, become part of something great.

Volunteer for the homeless, win free tickets to see Lady Gaga perform live.

Here's the scoop...

Over two million youth (between the ages of 12 and 24) will experience at least one episode of homelessness each year and over 100,000 youth sleep on the street for 6 months or more in America.

Youth homelessness is the result of other societal problems like poverty, drug abuse and addiction, homophobia, mental illness and domestic violence. Young people who've grown up homeless often spend much of their adult lives homeless.

The RE*Generation is Virgin Mobile's effort to empower a generation to help its own. We're bringing together organizations that care about homeless youth, and connecting them with young people who want to help.

You can donate your time and/or money. For every dollar that is collected, Lady Gaga will match it. Dollar for dollar, up to $25,000. Got some left over Holiday cash? Donate today.

Here is Lady Gaga herself to make the pitch on YouTube:

How can you get involved?

There are plenty of homeless youth agencies that need your help. In exchange for a few hours of your time, Virgin Mobile is offering select volunteers the opportunity to join them at one of Lady Gaga's upcoming shows during the Monster Ball Tour.

Select volunteers who sign up for a volunteer project AND complete the minimum required hours (or submit the minimum required number of Service Kits, as applicable) could earn a ticket, so be sure to sign up right away and show up for your activity! Ticket supplies are limited, and volunteer opportunities will fill up fast.

For more information on this innovative program, check out the FReeIP website.

Flavorpill, is an awesome online culture guide. These people are very well connected and will help you stay up to date on things going on, things being said, music, theatre, art, events and happenings around the world and especially in some of the coolest of cities. They have you covered in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and London. Go have a look. Sign up for their newsblasts, you will thank me...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Social Innovation and the Collective Power of the Little Black Dress...

The MTO-W Pageant 2010, originally uploaded by roberrific.

This is a photo from the stage of the Miss Teen Ontario - World (MTO-W) pageant shot last Sunday in Toronto. The MTO-W pageant is a popular event and a prelude to The Search for Miss Teen Canada - World (MTC-W) in downtown Toronto in July 2010.

While the concept of the beauty pageant has a long and storied history, that nearly faded into obscurity thanks to Gloria Steinham and the women's rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s, in its revitalized format it is as popular as ever in certain circles.

And now, due to some innovative use of Social Media in Toronto, the beauty pageant is alive and well and thriving thanks to the MTC-W Contestant Blog Army. In the dog eat dog war of beauty pageantry, it takes an army to come out on top. Swap guns and ammunition for a little black dress and a keyboard and you can achieve great things with an army of bright, beautiful and energetic young women.

In an attempt to take their beauty pageant to the next level, the MTC-W organizers hired FRANK to devise a plan to tap into the power of social media to scan the nation for the country's brightest MTC-W hopefuls and to share the stories, the joys, the triumphs, the egos and the agonies with all who might care to be there.

Our electronic community showcases the trials and tribulations of the little girl from Smalltown, Alberta getting discovered by a big city beauty pagent, being flown in to Toronto to compete for fame and glory in pictures, video and real life stories. The genius of FRANK's innovative social media strategy lies in the boost in Page rank (search engine ranking popularity) generated by the competitive energy of fifty-four bright, young and beautiful bloggers. Essentially, our MTC-W blog army shares the experience better than the competition’s ad budgets and websites could ever hope to accomplish on their own. We have provided a hard working digital venue for photo, video and story telling—100 percent original content that you could never buy and the thirst for which never runs dry.

The 2009 Miss Teen Canada-World pageant came out on top of all others in Canada because of an intricate social media network of OnSugar blogs, photos and videos posted by the reigning beauty Queen, plus the 54 contestants in the pageant. In just ten days we signed up over 20,000 members to our VIP database and had over 10,000 votes cast in just a few days for the people's choice awards.

Its not all about swimsuits and glamorous dresses. What good would all of this attention be without harnessing it for the benefit of some kind of social cause thrown in for good measure? We all want to make the world a better place—right? Why not apply that thinking to everything we do? The Miss Teen Canada-World pageant is by nature an excellent draw and a model opportunity for pursuing commerce in aid of social purpose. In 2009, we set forth with a mission and a goal to raise $10,000 for Free the Children, an international charity that empowers children in North America to take action to improve the lives of fellow children overseas.

Through our combined efforts in 2009, the contestants collectively raised over $49,000.

Wow. Now that is something to be excited about.

Siera Bearchell, Miss Teen Canada-World 2009 is doing an outstanding job representing her title, getting out there and raising awareness for some excellent causes. In this me to we video, Siera steps up and speaks out on behalf of Me to We Style to promote the Challenge Your Style Competition—an effort to mobilize youth to help raise awareness and funds for causes of their own choosing. Way to go Siera. Awesome effort. Keep up the great work!

The moral of this story?

Never underestimate the power of social media and the little black dress.

We are back at it for 2010, with a whole array of innovative ideas and executions that we expect will deliver a breakthrough performance for the MTC-W pageant and its benefactors in the coming year.

What about you?

Do you have any stories you can share with us about how innovative uses of Social Media changed the landscape for people in need? Feel free to chime in here, share your stories, your dreams, your victories and your disappointments. Who knows, you just might help us help someone else make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than we are.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Social Innovation in the Age of Convergence

It will not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to convergence and social media over the past couple of years, but even then, the numbers are pretty awesome to ponder...

This is another official update to the original "Shift Happens" video. This completely new Fall 2009 version includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence... 

A really interesting study of the advance of technology and social innovation.

Thinking how you can adopt social innovation strategies into your marketing mix?

For advice and sage counsel on how to get started, you can spend 10,000 hours over several years getting acquinted with the ever evolving social media landscape or you can contact FRANK. We do the legwork on Social Media in Toronto and around the globe so that you don't have to.