Monday, January 25, 2010

Jack the Donkey and support your Favourite Charity...

Can time spent online translate into real world action? That’s the big idea behind

Be you rich or poor—in good times and in bad, most of us care about and take up the fight for some kind of cause or another. Be it helping to raise money to assist the survivors in Haiti, raising awareness for the work of Hospice, supporting research to help children with cancer, fighting for the environment, or Aids in Africa, there's now a way to show it online... just by surfing the web and being social.

JackTheDonkey is a recently launched people powered charity enabling web site built to make supporting a cause - any cause - social, interactive, engaging, fun and most importantly, easy. Yes easy. Just by doing what you do online every single day - click, post, upload, and share with each other in social networks - millions can help raise much-needed funds for any organization they care about, to the tune of 1.1 cents each and every impression.

In development for just under a year, Katz has been actively talking and listening to the non-profit and corporate worlds as well to the broader public in terms of what will get people motivated to give a poop regularly, and what will help charities in what is clearly a time of need.

"Coming from a long family history of activism and volunteerism, I realized that Jack The Donkey is what I call my Grandfather's Legacy 2.0," says David Katz, Jack's proud creator and father. "My grandfather, Jonathan Miller, created one of the first "Fun Runs" in Toronto and spearheaded countless other community projects in his time. This is my way of turning a lifelong ambition of activism and outreach and putting it out there in a way myself and millions of others who spend their best hours online can relate to."

Do you care about the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada? Alex's Lemonade Stand? Best Friends Animal Society? or The New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity?

Set up your own personal cause profile on and you're on your way to supporting the cause—just by being social. It's simple and effective.

Plug In America, The MS Society of Canada and The Ontario Special Olympics are just a few of the 2 dozen non-profits from Canada, The US and The UK now on Jack.

Intended as a general purpose social network, takes a soft sell approach to keeping the charities top of mind among existing supporters while trickling into the consciousness of potential supporters.

“The response from the public and non-profit sector has been tremendous.  I am optimistic that once more people hear about what we’ve been launching, coupled with key components being rolled out in the New Year, that Jack's virtual world will drive the changes we hope to achieve in the real world," says Katz. "If Jack can get you to fall in love with these organizations and the people helping run them, my mission is accomplished."

For further information, visit,

We think this is a novel idea worth talking about. Cheers to David Katz, he is an emerging New Radical. What about you? Do you have any innovative ideas that if executed could help clean up the planet, tap into the power of Social Media to enable everyday people like you and me help people in your local community or in distant parts of the world who really need our help??

Let us know, we just might write about it here and tap into the powers that be and send the shout out.

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